Talent Network

Develop your talent network - Of course, the most valuable recruiting asset! KaziQuest helps you to organize your talent and stay ahead in the hiring process Optimize your career site by designing a candidate-based pipeline & automatically inform the members of any open positions Ready for a Demo? Develop strategic relations and measure the outcomes of your activities. Categorize your specific talent in the database Evaluate your efforts and identify the most effective elements Search and locate the talent of interest

Use your database to categorize and engage the talent Assemble the talent into customizable groups that provide deep insights and engagement protocols Have proper action plans via follow-up reminders to retain the relationships and keep progress Utilize email templates to send information to each prospective pool in a step-wise manner Ensure that each team has an active manager to streamline the pool of talents

Enhance your sourcing experience overtime Address the beneficial and lagging processes through transparent sourcing Monitor the progress of each participant using individualized sourcing analytics Mark the primary undertaking against the prospects in a given period Translate the visions into potential actions and examine the tactics to provide detailed outcomes through conversion reports

Scrutinize the database to pinpoint the required talent Organize the talent in your database to provide accessible location when needed Display the talent using proactive and powerful search tools Conduct a search to find prospects and candidates related to critical criteria, such as departmental records Eliminate irrelevant data to decrypt key reasoning and re-open dialogues with silver medalist