Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Contemporary recruiting tools assist you in establishing and hiring an appropriate talent – And quite fast!

KaziQuest Overview

Stay organized and maintain your pace in the game

Play like the early, early bird! The more organized you are, the higher the probability of recruiting the best candidates. Employers don't just hire; they take advantage of paramount sites to get the best. KaziQuest applicant tracking software provides you with the candidate's details and keeps you informed on every hiring phase.

Improve your candidate’s efficiency with an automated job marketing platform – move beyond branding and engage the candidate through activation. Reduce the amount of time and labor to fill your talent pipeline. It’s time to consider the benefits of KaziQuest.

Focus on finding the preferable talent for the job by offering an exceptional candidate experience.

You have an opportunity today.

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Get the best candidate’s experience that you will never regret

Provide a faultless candidate experience by addressing every stage in the hiring process. It is no longer cumbersome to apply for a job. The speed and swiftness of communication between the employer and the prospect guarantee you the best. KaziQuest streamlines the application process, provides an effective follow-up platform and allows candidates to evaluate their progress. Your candidates interact with the best site through acknowledgment and informed consent to maintain your reputation. Be, and remain a star in the recruitment process by moving beyond the efforts of others.

You can now hire as a group

KaziQuest is the ‘MASTER' of collaborations with employers, candidates, and stakeholders in the job market. Employers can easily engage potential candidates through add-ons and provide custom permissions that examine every phase of the hiring process. You get automatic alerts through in-system messaging to avoid delays or deviations in communication. Centralized applicant data systems guarantee instant mobile and PC interface to prevent unnecessary shifting from one page to another. Keep everybody engaged on the same page.

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